Creating a Project

When you log into Predictive Experience® Predictive Experience, the CX 360 Dashboard displays for CX Measurement clients and the Surveys page displays for Feedback clients.

To start a project:

  1. Fore CX Measurement clients, click Surveys on the Top Navigation Bar. The Surveys page displays with a list of surveys that belong to the client selected in the Top Navigation Bar.
  2. Locate the type of project you wish to create and click Create on the title bar of that section. The Create page displays with the following options:
    • Create New - Build a project entirely of new elements.
      1. Type in the Title and Description of the new project.
      2. Click Let's Go.
    • Copy From Existing - Build a variation of a current project.
      1. When selected, a list of valid projects displays.
      2. Select the desired project. The Let's Go button displays.
      3. Revise the Title and Description as desired.
      4. Click Let's Go.


Creating a Feedback Survey