Publishing a Survey

Creating a Feedback Survey > Collection Methods > Publish a Survey

The Publishing Settings page can be accessed from the Feedback Surveys section of the Surveys page. Click the Edit icon (edit icon) of the desired project and then click Publishing Settings in the ribbon above the page.

The Web Link Survey URL sections of the Staging Servers and Publishing Servers panes are used for the Web Link Collection Method.

Going live with a survey is a two-step process where you first migrate the survey to a preliminary environment, such as Staging or QA. This allows you the opportunity to review and test the survey before going live. If your project is Active in Staging, revisions are automatically migrated to your Staging environment. Then publish to Production to display the Feedback Badge on your web site. If you do not have a preliminary environment, click Publish to Production in the top ribbon.

Publish Your Project

Before publishing, verify each web page from which the survey can be launched contains the Installation Code snippet.

Use the Status toggle switch to activate or deactivate the survey in either environment. A progress bar displays to show your setting is being deployed to the corresponding server. When the process is complete, a message displays along the bottom of the screen and the Status is updated.

When you have a need to stop collecting data for a given period of time, you can turn the survey off, i.e., set the Status to Inactive. When you turn a survey off, the previously collected data remains accessible and you may activate the survey again at any time.

A survey that collects customer feedback on seasonal merchandise or services, annual promotions, or the introduction of a new product line. You can turn this survey off to preserve the collected data for future planning and comparison reports, and then activate the survey for the next event or season.