Creating a Feedback Survey


Creating a Feedback Survey > Collection Methods > Publish a Survey

  1. Click Surveys in the top ribbon. The Surveys page displays All Surveys by default.
  2. Go to the Feedback Surveys section, which may be located below the CX Surveys section. You may also click Feedback Surveys in the navigation ribbon below the filters ribbon.
  3. Click +Add Feedback. The Edit Survey page displays, which is comprised of a list of question types and available topics in the left rail, and a default survey. The default Feedback survey contains the following components:
    • Upload Your Logo or Upload a Background - You have the option to add an image to the survey. A standard File Upload window displays for you to navigate to and select the desired image file. Otherwise, the default white background with no logo displays.

      Images can be up to 10M in file size and of the following file types: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PSD, and SVG.

    • Welcome Message, Star Rating, a Choose a topic menu, and a Thank You message:
      1. Click the text of each item to enable editing. You may also edit the Project Name in the same manner.

        Leave the Choose a topic menu as is to omit this from the published survey.

      2. When you have finished editing each question component, click Save. The component closes to editing.

Adding Questions and Topics

See Topics for information on using topics to create a dynamic survey, i.e., a survey that offers questions based on answers to preceding questions.

  1. Drag the desired component from the left rail to the survey above the Thank you message. When you hover over a valid place in the survey, a target box displays to drop the item. To add a topic, hover over a valid location on the survey to display the Add a New Topic action and click.
  2. Click the Expand icon (Expand icon) to open the Editor tab.
  3. Click the text of each item to enable editing to add your question text and answer choices n the Editor tab. You can also add Skip Logic to the question on the Logic tab, as well as click the Required icon (required icon) to designate the question as mandatory for the respondent to answer.
  4. All added components and topics have a delete icon, directional arrows to move the item up or down, and copy icon to add it to the Clipboard.

    The directional arrows of a component allow you to move within the topic. To move a component to another topic, click the Copy icon to add the component to the Clipboard section of the left pane. Drag the component from the Clipboard to the new topic, then click the Delete icon of the component in the unwanted topic.

  5. Click Next to advance to Collection Methods.


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