Manual Launch of a Survey

You can use a JavaScript function call to manually launch the survey directly from the user interface of the web page. This allows you to launch the survey from a graphical user interface, such as a hyperlink, button, or icon, as an alternative to a Site Badge. This option allows you to capture the Customer Passed Parameters (CPPs) of the respondent.

How to use the Manually Launch Survey code:

  1. From the Surveys page, click the Edit icon (edit icon) of the desired Feedback Survey. The Edit Survey page displays.
  2. Click Collection Methods. The Collection Methods page displays.
  3. Click Site Badge. The Badge Setup overlay displays, defaulting to Design Options for Desktop.
  4. Click Hide. The JavaScript code displays.
  5. Select and copy the entire code, then paste the code as the onclick event of the user interface action of your web page.
    <button onclick="FSFB.launchACSFeedback(''3CWpxc...39ml')">Feedback</button>
  6. Click Save Settings. The Badge Setup overlay closes to display the Collection Methods page.