Collection Methods

Create A Project > Creating a Feedback Survey > Collection Methods > Publish a Survey

Use the Collection Methods page to manage how your survey is presented to the end-user. When editing or creating a survey, click the Collection Methods link near the top of the page to display these settings.

The Collection Methods page offers the following options:

  • Web Link - Use a hyperlink for email invitations, link on your social media page, etc.
  • Site Badge - Use a badge, button, or image to launch the survey. No Customer Passed Parameters (CPPs) are collected with this option.
  • Manual Launch - Generate a JavaScript that can be added to a graphical user interface. This option allows you to capture the CPPs of the respondent.

Web Link

Using a web link is, perhaps, the quickest way to start collecting responses. This collection method requires you to create a Feedback survey, configure the URL settings (which is done on this page), and publish. The link is offered during this final step and can be copied and pasted as needed.

You can set the link to deactivate on a specified date, and determine the message that displays to visitors who click the link after the set date:

  1. Click the Edit icon (edit icon) for Web Link. The Web Link page displays.
  2. If the Never option is selected for This Link Deactivates, click On. A date field and text box displays.
  3. Click in the date field to display a calendar to select the deactivation date.
  4. In the text box, type in the message you want to display to those who click the link after this date and click Save Settings. The Collection Methods page displays.

The actual link is available on the Publishing Settings page.

Site Badge

The Site Badge collection method allows you to set how and where respondents access the survey, as well as how the survey is presented. Click the Edit icon (edit icon) for Site Badge to display the Badge Setup page. The following setting groups are available on the left rail:

Once a respondent completes a survey, the badge is hidden from your web page to prevent multiple submissions during a single visit.

  • Design Options - Set badge design and which device types to show the badge on.
  • URL Targeting - Set which web pages display the badge, as well as what topics.
  • Replay Options - Turn Replay off or on for the project. This only displays for clients with a Replay contract.

Design Options

Settings for each device type are the same. Select Hide to copy a code snippet for either a button or link deployment method.

The example Click here to provide feedback button and link are for demonstration purposes only and are non-functioning.

Select Show to set the following options. Your selections display in the preview pane on the right:

  • Badge Icon - Select the icon to display with the Button Text.
  • Button Text - Type in the badge label.
  • Text - Click to display a dialog with suggested colors to select and a text box to type in a hexadecimal color code.
  • Badge - Click to display a dialog with suggested colors to select and a text box to type in a hexadecimal color code.
  • Rotation - Displays the badge vertically or horizontally.
  • Size - Click on the Small, Medium, or Large size setting to adjust the size of the badge.
  • Position - Set the location of the badge on the screen.
  • Survey Delivery - A menu of options for how the survey appears to the respondent.
  • Scroll Behavior - When selected, the badge maintains position in the browser window regardless of page scrolling.

Click Save Settings to apply them to your survey project.

URL Targeting

The URL Targeting page allows you to set the survey project to Show Sitewide, or select which page(s) to include or exclude the survey on. These settings can be applied at the Survey Level and/or the Topic Level.

Your online store has clothing lines for men, women, and children. Your survey project contains topics with questions specific to each clothing line. To display the Children topic:
  1. Click the Topic Level tab and click to clear the Show Sitewide check box.
  2. Click to expand the Topic: Children topic heading.
  3. In the Include text box, enter the parent URL of site pages containing these items with an asterisk widecard, e.g.,*. The asterisk allows you to avoid entering every site page that starts with the same parent URL.
  4. Click Save Settings.

Upon Publishing, shoppers only see the questions of the Children topic when they click the FeedBack Badge while viewing these pages.

Another possible scenario is when you want to prevent the badge showing on the checkout pages. In this case, use the Exclude text box of the Survey Level tab to enter these pages.

  • If your site displays the URL with both http and https, create the entry with an asterisk (*) before the domain. Example: *
  • If your staging environment has different URLs than production, be sure to include both staging URLs and production URLs.
  • If the Predictive Experience code is deployed across multiple country pages, be sure to specify which domain you expect the survey to appear on. Example: ** instead of *cart*.
  • Remove all slashes (/) from the end of a URL.
  • For multiple URLs, enter each URL on a separate line.


Publishing a Survey